Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Smerek's Law

Perhaps the finest bit of geek philosophy ever, Paul Smerek coined this phrase when I was quite a young lad and it has become increasingly relevent as video games supplant movies, TV, etc as the primary source of entertainment for young people.

This is a quote from the relevent Wiki:

" Smerek's Law - Describing a video game to non-players makes you sound like an idiot. Canadian computer programmer Paul J. Smerek's response to an explanation of the arcade game Food Fight."

This, quite frankly, is proven to me at least once a week by one or another of the young people I work with. Despite being a gamer myself, when they try to describe any game they've played that I haven't seen I really can't follow them for long. If it is a game that isn't even similar to a genre I'm familiar with (ie. tell me about a first person shooter then at least I understand the basic already) then I'm probably lost almost immediately.

Show me! If the game is so cool I will die if I don't play it, SHOW IT TO ME. Otherwise, please, please, STFU.